Inter-Inn Documents

Here you will find operational documents which apply to all 4 of the Inns:

Independence Policy
Policy on Independence between the Inns of Court and the ICCA as an Authorised Education and Training Organisation

Inns Admission Declaration
Inns Admission Declaration, V3 (April 2023)  (right-click and select "Save as")
Inns Admission Declaration, V2 (March 2022)
Inns Admission Declaration, v1 (February 2021)
Inns Readmission Declaration, V1 (April 2023)

Inns Call Declaration
Inns Call Declaration, V3 (April 2023)  (right-click and select "Save as")
Inns Call Declaration, V2 (March 2022)
Inns Call Declaration, v1 (February 2021)
Temporary Call Declaration, V1 (February 2023)

Joint Inns Education Qualification Rules
Joint Inns Education Qualification Rules, V3 (March 2024)
Joint Inns Education Qualification Rules, V2 (December 2022)
Joint Inns Education Qualification Rules, v1 (February 2021)

Qualifying Sessions
QS Resource for Bar Course Providers, V1 (July 2022)
QS & Call Waiver Application Form, v1 (February 2021)
QS & Call Waiver Protocol, v1 (February 2021)
Transfer of QS by Students Changing Inns – Protocol & Report Form, V2 (September 2022)
Transfer of QS by Students Changing Inns – Protocol and Report Form, V1 (March 2022)

External Observers
External Observer Handbook (central sections), V3 (August 2022)
External Observer Handbook (central sections), V2 (August 2021)
External Observer Handbook (central sections), V1 (February 2021)
External Observer Job description, v1 (February 2021)External Observer Expenses Policy, v1 (February 2021)

Bar Standards Board Rules & Regulations
The Inns work closely with the Bar Standards Board, the regulator of the Bar, in relation to their work in the education, training, and qualification of barristers of England and Wales.  The regulations that govern the Inns’ roles and responsibilities, further to their own internal rules, are set out in a number of places, namely:
BSB Handbook (Part 4: Qualification Rules)
Bar Qualification Manual (Part 3: The Role of the Inns) 
Memorandum of Understanding between the Inns and the BSB
Schedule 1: Guidelines for Fit and Proper Person Checks
Schedule 2: Qualifying Sessions Framework
Schedule 3: Data Sharing Protocol
Schedule 4: Assurance Framework

Inter-Inn Data Sharing Protocol
Inter-Inn Data Sharing Protocol V2 (February 2024)
Inter-Inn Data Sharing Protocol V1 (March 2022)

Inns Anti-Harassment Policy
Inns Anti-Harassment Policy (February 2022), V1